Lena Gardelli_Painting with Words

An exercise in writing

Eyes behind the screens

eyes behind the screens are watching me
eyes I can click on and off
to bare my soul
to the lonely world
on a line of invisible thread talking into the empty night
as I take flight with my dreams
the music blaring in my ears
I know you are watching me
as I am you
all I have to do is decide to turn it on or off

Lena Gardelli



What is a perfect body but a shell
When the chalice of the soul shines through every cell.

It is not your muscles that are strong
buy your purity that shines through every pore.

Your heart is immaculate and your love is boundless
your innocent smile and the light tremble of your wings embrace
let me fly away to an unknown place
as I find solace in the trust and peace residing within.

You touch my life with your fingertips
and as the moments go by I take a sip
of the nectar you offer so selfless and cluelessly
as I embrace the wonder you share with me.

I thank you my angel for flying my way
touching my mind so gently and kind
as I watch you fly I soar so high
do you even know how beautiful you are?

Sometimes you stumble and shy you are
as every girl turns her head and maybe even some tears are shed
it is the lack of your knowledge of how magnificent you are
that makes you most attractive of all.

So I hold this treasure in my heart
and in stolen moments I behold your golden charm
as your light fills me up from within
and kisses my skin
I shine forth like a candle on a warm summer night
so bright
so bright
and light.


The past came by for a visit
cloaked in armor of charms
dangling from every crevice
he used his lies.

I opened my door and took a glance
the Devils splendor wooed with romance
mirroring my beauty in every way
placing my reflection in front of me.

He repeated my words like a fancy parakeet
with its feathers glimmering in all the shades of glee
his wit was grand matching his looks
as he whispered empty words
to lure me in
to his disease.

As he hid behind his grin
he rubbed his hands and widened his whim
to all my needs he catered to so well.

So I tell you now
Go Back to hell!


Like rivers flowing to the ocean
all my thoughts run to you.

I talk to you with ink on paper
my voice is silent as the air  without the wind.

I miss you like the branches of a leafless tree in the winter
reaching for the spring.

You touched me once
my skin remembers
how could I ever forget.

I yearn for your sex, like a seed lifting itself through the ground towards the rays of the sun,
to bathe in your glow
and let go
to be in the now with you again
as one and two.

My love for you stretches as far as the sky
it was there long before we met and after you left
everlasting as the sun that never truly sets
as it circles the globe of my heart,
we are never truly far apart.

This love illuminates my mind
as tears of joy fill the stream
washing away all my fears
tearing down the cobwebs of the past years
and there is only now.

And in this now
all I need to enjoy
is that I have known such boundless love
and with it my soil is rich to grow
flowers, butterflies and such.


When I was a girl I had a dream.

So I went on a search for it and the more I looked the more I lost ,

for my eyes got in the way.


If I could touch you, it would be with my eyes in the corner of my mind, in a place hidden to myself, were I dare wish the impossible.
If I could love you, it would be with my Soul, for my heart recognized you instantly again in this life.
If I were allowed to make love with you, I would abandon all reason and lose myself in your vast desert, thirsting for more, yet filled to the brim, and never unsatisfied.
If I could drink you, I would take my time, in small sips, throughout my entire life.
So I run away, without shedding a tear, as the salt burns within and like a Nomad in the Sahel Desert I cover my body from the heat and the sand-paper shredding my untouched skin.
Yet in moments of abandon, I caress your golden eyes and travel on the dunes of your perfectly dark skin, as my hands tighten on to your long hair, while I let you in.
On your chest I find solace above the steady beating drum of your heart. So fragile to disappointment, so strong to Love.


The Devil came knocking on my door, and I opened wide, to only realize his garbs of promises given in false pretense to capture my Soul.
Sweet deception tearing on me. Raw and naked I stand in front of my reflection.
Tears I am afraid to shed, for the river of this life’s pain I will shed.
Yet reborn to the love I never dared to hold for myself,
is born out of letting go the greatest Love I felt and known outside of myself.
And yet part of me feels wonderful, as I feel the Devils despair rumbling and tossing at my Soul’s door.
Honesty does not always come easily.
As the Devil knows me slip away, his fingers claw at me and my sexes.
I know, I am never alone.
And let go.

The Human Race

The Human races

always running out of time

chasing the End at the Beginning

and missing out the middle



Happiness for me is like the Ocean touching the sky. It is infinite and filled with droplets of possibilities that hold the key to Freedom and Endless Joy and Expansion.
It is a daily Choice I can make, allowing the unique and fleeting Gifts of the Moment to be Present in the Now and embracing them with Gratitude and Love.
It is to be thankful for what is, and not wish for what is not.
Being in the now not living for the future, nor dwelling in the past.
It is to Love and be loved.